Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Appalling Behaviour

We (Pork Pie Posse) decided to visit Bradgate Park to photograph the Red Deer as they should be in full Rut now.
We spotted a small group of Deer in the distance so we made our way towards them but so did every other photographer in the park, they appeared from everywhere.
I couldn't believe what came next, They chased the herd up and down the hillsides in and out of the Bracken just to get a closer shot. I just stood on the main path and watched in disbelief at the idiots, at least 1 of them had compact camera and was trying to get so close he put himself in a dangerous situation with the Stags. I was really hoping that a Stag would turn on him and gore him to death. We also witnessed 2 dogs chase a Buck Fallow Deer, the owner then put the dogs on leads walked a further 200yds and let them off the lead again!! That wasn't an isolated incident with dogs and Deer as I saw at least to other dogs chasing the Deer on different occasions.
I left Bradgate Park feeling very angry.

I think Television Programs like Autumn Watch are partly to blame for this sort of thing. My personal thoughts on these type of TV programs are great for getting people involved with wildlife but I also think that they should strongly advise viewers on how to behave around all wild creatures and a degree of etiquette is needed.