Monday, 9 August 2010


Has anyone else noticed that our Chestnut Trees have been hit very hard by Leaf Miners this year. I have seen this infestation on a few trees in previous years but not to the extent that it is this year. I have been looking at the trees since early June and all the trees I have seen look as if Autumn has come early for them.

I have travelled up and down the country from North Cumbria and as to South Dorset any every Tree I have seen has been affected. Not a single Tree seems to have escaped this infestation from the Leaf Mining moth named Horse Chestnt Leaf-miner Cameraria ohridella. One thing that I have noticed and it’s the same pattern on every infected tree I've seen is that the infestation is heavier in the lower branches and gets less intense higher up the trees regardless of the height of the trees.

From Mark Rossell

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  1. I think they are pretty much established everywhere in VC55 now. Finding a non-infested tree is more notable than an infested one, yet it's only c5yrs since they were first recorded here.
    I've recorded it for the first time this year in the inlaws North Devon garden, and I've also picked up adults at light for the first time this year.