Monday, 26 July 2010

Probable Common Hawker - New Lount NR

This arrived in my inbox from Ian Merrill via Dave Gray. I thought it deserved posting on here... I'll try and follow this up at some point this week.

Hello Ian,

I have been at New Lount Nature Reserve SK3918 today and saw amongst others species 2 male Common Hawkers,
Aeshna juncea.
They were patrolling the eastern pool around midday when the sun was out.
A large hawker constantly patrolling the pool, chasing the four spots and even holding it's own with the Emperor.
I got a good size comparison with Emperor, Southern and Brown Hawker.
I got views down to 5m through binoculars (10x). Narrow yellow thoracic side stripes, blue abdomen spots on body held straight.
Unfortunately I could confirm a yellow costa but the wings had a brown suffusion.
Thought I would let you know so you can have a look tomorrow if the weather is OK.



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