Monday, 26 July 2010

Broad-leaved Helleborine - Cloud Wood

If anyone is interested in Broad-leaved Helleborine at Cloud Wood SK 417214 they just about as good as they get now. This was our third visit to Cloud Wood in the last 4 weeks to get some photos of this species and today we think we got it right.

Something that I noticed when I was photographing them today if you look at the close up photos carefully there is a difference between the Petals, colour and shape. I can’t help wondering if there are two different types in Cloud Wood??

Obviously I am no expert at this but maybe someone could let me know about the differences between them.

Mark Rossell


  1. Hi Mark,the BB Hells at Cloud Wood show at least three different variations!
    You get the normal type Broad-leaved Helleborines, the rare form Var.viriflora and then something in between the two which looks like Young's Helleborine!?
    I have this theory that it's something to do with the soil type at this site?
    Hope this helps?

  2. Hi Dave and Mark,

    I've just been reading about broad-leaved helleborines and the book said that the colour depended on amount of light. In the shade they tend to be slender and pale green, in the sun they are thicker and redder. Did that match where you found them?

    Dave - we don't have records of the Var. viriflora. Where have you seen it?